Saturday, July 27, 2013

Color Fix

Last year I was able to use an Apple Mac with photoshop to do my art work. It was my school computer so after school hours (if you can say that for cyber school) and when I finished my work I would start drawing. The problem was that while the colors looked great on my Mac, they looked dull on my laptop. So began the dilemma that bothered me for the whole year.

However, upon recently getting Corel Paint Shop I've been fixing the problem. Alas, here are my fixes.

Texture fix

Color Fix

Fruit Princesses

I'm not sure if I'll keep these color fixes or not. I'm thinking of doing all of them over again then readding the texture. It's up in the air at the moment

Interesting how a little touch up can go a long way eh? And they only took a few minutes. Not long at all. And yes, sometimes the background got darkened. Again, it's something I have to really think about with the Fruit Princesses. Though I think Banana needs it most of all. But it's nice to see these touched up a bit, even if they still don't compare to their original form.

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