Tuesday, August 27, 2013

College Life

I guess you could say this is inspired by my excitement over starting college soon, but here are the characters of Frozen in a college setting. The idea stemmed from a drawing done of Hans (third one in) as a college professor. Then my sister and I started talking about it.

Anna is a student with a vivid imagination who writes in her journal about her dreamy (and young) college professor whom she's in love with. When her sister Elsa, studying at law school and known for being a cold lawyer, accidentally reads her journal she starts to become suspicious of this awkward and young, yet very good looking, college professor and his relationship with her sister. Let's just say she's not happy about it. And then there's Kristoff, the kind of loner kid in class who has an English assignment with Anna. She can't stand him but needs his help to pass the class. If only he wasn't so frustrating.

This sounds like a chick lit novel in the making. Or a fan fiction, except I don't write fan fiction. Oh well.

This is the last time I do a character line up. I swear. And I didn't shade on purpose.

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