Friday, December 13, 2013

Deception 2.0

Deception was the first story I ever wrote and finished all the way. I thought it was pretty solid when I was seventeen and now I laugh at all the horrible cliches and such. But recently I decided to try rewriting it and seeing if I could write it better now that I've had some experience. The best part about rewriting it (besides seeing how I've improved) is I get to revisit some of my favorite characters. Here are some sketches of the ladies of Deception.
Quick sketch busts because I'm too lazy to color. And I really like how the sketches came out. I'm trying to show variation in facial structure and such while also fitting the character.

Deception has a lot of action and fighting, especially among the girls. So here are Gwen and Aubrette ready for a fight.

And I've never done a character lineup (successfully) so I'm planning to do so with this story. I want to do so with every story and every cast but that's unlikely to happen. Until then, here are Gwen and Aubrette ready for the lineup.
To read the (revised) story go to this link: 

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