Friday, January 3, 2014

ROTBTD 60s Beach stuff

Wow I get bored sometimes. Here's the rest of those 60s beach drawings. I'll have to draw more. I kept the boys close to the time period. Maybe when Jack's hair gets wet it goes back to normal.

He's probably the only kid who came to the beach for research.

I'd like to think he's saying "Time to catch some waves AND some babes."
And here's a shot of everyone!
So we have Rapunzel the surfer. I'd like to think she's sheltered and doesn't know anyone at the beach but really wants to learn how to surf. Except her mom is super strict. Then there's Merida, leader of an all girls biker gang. But she doesn't think surfers are all that bad. She just doesn't want to get her jacket wet. And Hiccup came to the beach to research sea life but surfers kind of make that hard. And then there's Jack. His family owns a ski lodge and yet here he is, trying to catch waves and babes. And probably failing miserably.

Ladies and gentlemen the Big Four in a 60s teen beach film!

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