Monday, April 14, 2014

Hair Hair Hair

I've been having a hard time picking a hair color for this character. I want it to be an unnatural color but not something cliche. And it has to go with her eyes and personality. Let's just say this hasn't been easy.

My problem with the natural colors like black and brown is that they aren't strange enough. She's supposed to come in and not seem to be from anywhere. I want people to see her and think, "There's no way any of that is natural." I do think the blonde is cool. My problem with the pink is that it seems to Lightning from Final Fantasy even though it looks great with her complexion. Then there's turquoise which is iffy depending on how it works with the eye color.

So I'm just stuck. I'm going to keep staring at these until I come to a decision.


  1. The dark green (the 3rd picture) or the red (the last one) looks good :))

    1. Why thank you! I am quite impartial to the red....