Thursday, October 16, 2014


"Next to him was the prettiest girl in all of Montana. Golden brown waves fell over her shoulders and framed a soft round face. Her thin lips smiled, lighting up the world." -Ice Princess
Josephine might be the easiest to draw. and I love drawing her hair. She just likes to be drawn. I guess it's because she has such simple facial features. I modeled her after a model whom I can't remember the name of. But, she took on her own features and doesn't need references to be drawn (with a few exceptions). Anyway, to continue this series of busts here's Josephine. I wasn't planning on doing the girls but well... Why not?

I wanted to switch the picture horizontally so she would be looking in the opposite direction of Reeve, but instead I made Eileen look the opposite way. Here's the piece with brown lineart. I do these with color linearts then change them when I'm done the shading. I liked this one.

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