Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Years (Take Two)!!

As I stated before, my family wanted a New Years card to send out from us. I figured they wouldn't want to send out a romantic Tangled card so here it is! And this was the original color scheme (though the textures changed the colors a bit). These colors feel so art deco. It's probably because I'm obsessed with the 20s right now.

Anyway, Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Years!

My tablet chord has been missing all month, which is a real shame as I had several sketches done for Christmas cards. So here's a New Years card that actually hints to my New Years resolution (which is not about dating or romance btw). I have to make a second one from my family but for now here's this one. I'm a big Tangled fan, okay? And yes, I had a Christmas card ready for them too.

Fun fact: Original the color scheme was totally different. These colors were used in the sketches and I just thought they were so much more fun. I'm using the original color scheme for the other new years picture. Happy New Years!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quirky Girl

One of my biggest pet peeves is how quirky girls are always portrayed as being skinny.
I don't get it.
Why aren't there ever curvy quirky girls? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a quirky girl being skinny. I'm saying we need a little more variety. Anyway, this was just a concept piece for a character. I'm not sure if this will be her final look as I have quite a few ideas on her looks. I do want her to be a size 13 though. I can just tell you that much.