Thursday, January 1, 2015

Art of 2014

Before we get into 2015 and new art pieces, how about a look back at 2014? I've explained in the past that I cannot share all of my art pieces because many of them are for secret projects. Still, I'm excited to share a look back on 2014.

Rather than posting everything I did in 2014 (I mean you can just look to the left and click 2014), I'm just going to feature my favorites. The ones that have stuck out and made me proud of 2014. This was a pretty experimental year and has been loads of fun. I kind of centered more on certain styles and stuck with them, as opposed to going all over the place and doing random stuff in 2013. So here are the best of 2014.

This was actually done years ago but was redone in 2014 

I loved this so much I made it my Facebook and Wattpad cover photo 

Hands down favorite print I've ever done. 

First time doing a bust line up!! 
I just really like the colors okay?

So that's a quick round up of the best pieces of 2014. Notice any similarities? There are a lot of color line arts and vector pieces. In 2014 I pretty much decided vector art is my favorite style. And of course, there's the one piece that probably trumps them all in 2014...

This took me a week to do. So much detail... My hands hurt at the memory. I'm working on a companion piece and will center my 2015 self portrait in a similar style. This was the hands down best piece I did in 2014. I'm pretty stinkin proud of it. Sure I wish I could change things but I'm pretty content.

HOWEVER, that is NOT my favorite piece of 2014. Are you ready? I don't think you're ready. Okay here goes.


Is a sketch...

No but really, I love this piece so much. It's my hands down favorite. Actually the other day I saw things I wanted to fix but no. I'm keeping this baby just the way it is forever.

So that's 2014. I sure as hell look forward to 2015 and seeing how my style improves. My art new years resolution is to draw a comic. It doesn't need to be a long one, but I want to draw a comic. I'll have to try my best.

How was your year?

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