Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

Since I've been pretty bad about holiday pictures (historically St. Patties Day is the one day I tend to get on the mark every time, which is odd since I don't celebrate and am not Irish), here are THREE to make up for my lack of updates. Also I've been uninteresting in the drawing spectrum. So here they are, in honor of Easter and well... Peeps!

Fun factoid: This a drawing of a Gyaru, which is a Japanese fashion style. Just look up Popteen magazine. Or Tsubasa Masuwaka. You're welcome.

Happy Easter Everyone! Also Happy Passover! One day I'll be able to really nail it with holidays and not have something last minute. One day...


Also did you hear? I'm open to commissions! And I've been bored with art, so commission me!


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