Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015 (1)

First Halloween pic. I have another one in the works for later. Ironically I completely spaced on today being the day Back To the Future II takes place so it's purely coincidental that Reeve is dressed as Future Marty McFly. Or is it?

Costumes from left to right:

Reeve: Future Marty McFly because he would do anything 80s.

Sibyl: Black Swan because she has the tutu and it's easy. Otherwise her costume would be an obscure 60s reference or something no one knows (but Reeve would at least appreciate). She also went with it because her hair is a nice contrast.

Josephine: A princess. She's simple that way. Dem sleeves though.

These costumes don't have any deep meaning by the way. It's just what I thought of last minute at work to fit the characters.

And I figured today was a good day to share.

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