Thursday, December 10, 2015

100 Old Blue

A little fun fact about me: Frank Sinatra is my all time favorite singer (Buddy Holly is a veeeery close second).

December 10th marks his 100th birthday, and since I'm not musically talented I decided to draw something to commemorate. Except I had too many ideas.

Another fun fact: the last song Frank Sinatra ever sang was The Best Is Yet To Come in 1994. So I felt that was a good song to use for this piece. It features texture found online (I need to figure out where I got them asap) and text from PicMonkey.

The second piece is a drawing of Frank from his debut performance in February 2 1940 (according to LIFE magazine). The first is a photograph taken of him by photographer Herman Leonard (it should be noted I draw off of that photograph). 

Ahh Frank Sinatra, still the best thing to come out of New Jersey. My favorite Frank Sinatra song is Moonlight Serenade, which also serves as my favorite song period. (I do know the original was by the Glenn Miller band and listened to it quite often.)

So here's to Old Blue. I was too young to appreciate your beautiful voice and music when you were around, but you've inspired my soul.

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