Monday, December 21, 2015

Stylization 01

I keep finding pieces I didn't post on here. Some have been posted on my tumblr but just not on here, and they're not even sketches (because that I understand). So about the title, I have this goal to try different styles and pieces to give my portfolio a more varied look (as of right now it's mostly just pieces for Ice Princess so a looot of red heads with butterflies) (ironically this piece is still for Ice Princess).

My goal was to do this once a week. I have a private board on Pinterest with different styled art pieces I have to mimic in my own way. It's not supposed to be exact, just to get me thinking outside my usual spectrum of ideas. Anyway, I can't do it once a week because I have too much going on, so I'm going to try a goal of three times a month instead. This was from a few months ago so I figured to start off right we'll share this. It was simple but really fun to do. I'd like to do more pieces like this actually.

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