Friday, January 1, 2016

The Art of 2015

2015 was my least productive year creatively. And I'm not just talking about art. I didn't finish a single writing project this year but started maybe three or four? It was actually a really rough year in general and I'm hoping that I can move past this and do better in 2016. But, to follow tradition, here is my year in review.

So here are my favorite pieces, which isn't much since there wasn't much done. Go figure.


This is one of two pieces! 

First time digital painting!
second time! 

The 2015 Self Portrait of DOOM!

Sooo most of these feature Sibyl. Go figure.

See? Not much.


Celebrating Old Blue's birthday...
Celebrating Jesus's Birthday...


The second piece is actually one of two pieces but I haven't finished the second piece and won't be showcasing it until Easter. But still.


It's weird to think back on 2015 and see what a drastic change there was from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I started getting more experimental and patient with my work in the end of the year, taking my time and not trying to finish in one sitting like I'm prone to doing.

I'm trying to force myself to try different styles and do more finished polished pieces that could be presented in a portfolio. While I do love the pieces above a lot of them aren't pieces I'd want to show off and say "this is my art!"

Some examples of pieces where I tried different styles in 2015:

My "Stylization" pieces reinforce this idea entirely. This piece actually combined multiple methods I've done in the past and took the longest to work on this year next to my personal self portrait. This was based on a pencil drawing I saw online.

This was the first "stylization" piece and features the use of silhouettes and watercolor effects. I actually want to do more like this because I really liked the results.

I debated for quite some time as to how I was going to do a piece for Frank Sinatra's 100 and eventually went with this smoky piece. It was super easy but not the usual route for me. Yet I was very happy with the results.

This was inspired by a warm up that went wonderfully right. I decided to try it again and was very happy with the results. It uses the watercolor brush much like the first "stylization" piece.

I think doing a digital painting really speaks for itself.

Pardon the repetitiveness

Ah yes, this was based on the works of J.C. Leyendecker, particularly his ad work in the later 1910s.  It's one of my favorite pieces of the year.

This might not seem like much but limited color sketches became my favorite thing for some time. It's a great way to work with tone when using a limited pallet.

Aaaand this one. While usually my self portraits are more cartoony this one was less so and took ages. But looking back I think it reflected my feelings on the year so well. The texture in the hair is busy and painful to think back on, which is kind of what 2015 felt like.
Although I didn't spend much time on this or put much work into it (and it was drawn last year) the style of line art and color was based on the works of Antonio Lopez.


Oh dear. Where to begin? Well for one 2015 featured a lot of pieces I chose not to share publicly since they were story related. I really focused more on concept pieces than anything else and would try to make the concept pieces correlate.

Story Aesthetic Art

Example 1

With a few exceptions these pieces are all pretty similar in style and design. Characters are all using the same colors too (took me long enough). We even see a consistency in fashion style, body type, and how character interact with one another.

Example 2



This one is interesting because I've been working on this story all year and so much has changed since that first piece. I have more drawings that never made it on the computer but remained in my sketchbook, but it's interesting that the color scheme is mostly the same here. We know this story is probably historical by the colors alone and we know it features spanish/hispanic/latino characters. I wouldn't even say these images suit the characters well anymore. And it's quite different from the first story example.


The big trend I saw in prints this year was vector and diversity. I showcased more POC this year than before. There were some lined pieces but not much, and I got a little experimental with backgrounds. I'm still not happy with the print pieces I come out with. I'm not sure I'll ever be happy though. I know my style in this area leans towards vintage fashion but I can't quite grasp what's my personal brand print wise yet.


I have quite a few but I'm actually pretty good about new years resolutions so here they are. Hold me to 'em people!

-Work on my Art Portfolio (which really means all those below)
-Finish 3 Stylization pieces a month
-Do art pieces of loved ones
-Draw more religious art
-Work on your story portfolio

I feel pretty good about these because most of them can be accomplished at the same time (3 stylization pieces can equal to a drawing a week and so on). So here goes 2016!


This was a rough year but I learned a lot and I'm excited to take that with me into the new year. I really want to be more patient with myself and my work so I can do more big completed pieces. We'll see how it goes.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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