Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Dreaming


Look! Look! A finished piece! A FINISHED PIECE!

I started this (and two other pieces still unfinished) in FEBRUARY. Half of what took me so long is I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to go about it. It was supposed to be a simple easy piece but NOPE. None of that. Oh my hands hurt so much working on this one.

Anyway, the inspiration behind this piece is that it was cold and snowing and I was dreaming of spring. Also the flowers used have meanings that describe the girl in the picture, who is actually a dear dear friend of mine. The pictures used as a reference for her actually had snow in the background, come to think of it. And her hair isn't that pinkish. I just adjusted the colors slightly.

Well I'm just glad it's finally done. Hopefully I can finish those other pieces ASAP. I still have an Easter art piece to finish.

My other frustration with taking so long on this is I haven't been able to finish anything else except maybe a warm up or two. But let's just hope this means more finished pieces are coming. I really miss having more to show.

Note: I might touch it up later.

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