Monday, December 12, 2016

Art of 2016

It's that time of year again! I'm doing this a bit earlier since my tablet isn't working which stifles my chances of being able to create more pieces. This year has been an interesting year with my artwork so it's fun to look back. I want to continue trying new things into 2017 (perspective and backgrounds would be nice) but we'll see how it goes.

For now, here's a look at my art in the year 2016

Here are some of my personal faves

Wow... I'm really amazed at the LACK of pieces this year. It dawned on my while looking over this, but at the same time I completed more fuller pieces. But at the same time I realize there are many pieces that aren't shared publicly and that's a bit of a stinker... Also look! More male portraits! What are the odds...

Here are some design pieces I did, namely of book covers that I really like (all of which I don't believe are published yet):

These were made with Canva, and I've loved playing on it! I found a lot this year that I started taking a genuine interest in design, making many things you can't see on here.

There were also my stylization pieces (which became harder to follow along with on my goals thanks to taking too long on them). I have many more I'd like to do and can't wait to continue growing in more fuller illustrations instead of small concept pieces. Here are my stylization pieces for 2016:

Ranked from favorite to least favorite

based on a watercolor painting

based on Space Oddity

This was based on a piece using vintage advertisements and fabric 
This was based on a mixed media piece that quickly turned into something totally different and is inspired by the Tree of Life in Lehi's dream.

Based on the work of Rene Gruau and the song Heartless by I don't care who.

Old old old piece I finally finish and was eh about.

Based on a Christmas piece with a similar concept but this was way lame by comparison and I hate it.

I was really happy but also really unhappy with a lot of these...

2016 was also the year I started sharing my illustrated story online (with limited posting due to life and a broken tablet...) but I'm not too proud of that one. I'd like to really really REALLY improve in that next year.

I also FINALLY started (and almost finished) a series of drawing of Disney Princesses in Rockabilly/50s/whatever style

But these are the only ones published so far (I was doing them in sets but man is Belle one of my all time faves).

And now the final moment.

What was my favorite art piece done in 2016...


It's a tie again!

Actually I'm really not sure.

I'm not super proud of anything from 2016, which is really hard to accept. I like the pieces I've done, but none stick out to me and make me swell with pride. Here's hoping 2017 is better for me art wise.

BUT these were super quick. They were just me playing around, and I really do like how they came out. I like them more than the pieces that took me several months. So I guess that's something. I do love Spring Dreaming because it's of a dear friend and was a joy to work on, but it also took forever and these were done in less than a day. I don't know, these are just the ones I'd typically want to show people.

Goals for 2017:




Well, see you again next year! I'd like to be less disappointed in myself in 2017...

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