Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Years


I came across the top picture on my Facebook memories and thought how strange it was that I drew that, and that I improved so much. So I decided to redraw this scrapped character for my warm up. It's just a quick warm up sketch, nothing big at all, but then again, neither was that top picture.

Yet the results speak volumes. The improvement is clear.

When I drew that picture back in 2012 I was digging myself out of a hole of self doubt with my art. I wasn't sure I was an artist anymore, much less what KIND or STYLE of artist I was. I just decided to keep drawing. And below, five years later, is what happened with that.

So if you're struggling to believe in yourself, to trust that you're going to get better, this is my proof that you WILL. Keep drawing. Keep trying. Keep learning. Soon you'll find you've improved tremendously. It's taken me years to not only get where I am but to find a style that's all mine. You will too.

Don't give up.

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